Episode 004 – Camera Jargon

This week I talk about some important camera terms.  Aperture, shutter, and ISO.  What they mean, and how to work with them to get the best pictures from your photo booth.  Mastering these three settings will enable you to deal with any changes in your lighting situation.

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Episode 003 – Common Technical Problems

This week our episode is a little bit longer in length as I discuss some of the most common technical issues that can crop up during an event.  I begin with listing items to build your “emergency kit” to keep with the booth.  You can download a PDF of that list below:

Photo Booth Emergency Kit

Tom Ang’s Photography Basics Book:

Basics of Digital Photography with Tom Ang

Episode 002 – It’s Your Business, Own It

You’ve started your own business.  Now it’s time to own it.  In this episode I talk about the necessity of learning the core fundamentals (basics) of your business, as well as the importance of educating yourself on the components of your booth.  To aid in that endeavor I am providing the following links to valuable external resources:

Windows 10 Operating System Basics

Basics of Digital Photography with Tom Ang

Routines – How they help you and your business

In this first episode I talk about establishing routines, how they help you and your business.  While it sounds mundane a committed routine can help you save time and look professional.  We would also like to hear about any routines you create by sending them to us at podcast@sappb.com.