Monthly Archives: October 2017

Episode 015 – Organizing Your Processes

Running your own business means you need to keep track of a lot of information and processes.  I talk about tools to help you ease that burden, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, retail software, spreadsheets, and good old-fashioned date and calendar books.  No one process is right, but not having a process is definitely wrong.

Here are links to the software discussed in this episode:

Honeybook (Use this link to get 50% off your first year)




Microsoft Office 365

Episode 014 – Interview with Tiffanie Rosier of AllStar Photobooth

This week we talk with Tiffanie Rosier, owner and CEO of AllStar Photobooth LLC.  Tiffanie has worked hard over the last three years to build her business and her brand.  She shares the basic steps she took to get where she is now, and has some great advice every booth owner can put to use.

In the interview Tiffanie mentions Honeybook, a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) software system she uses to help manage her business.  If you click on the link below you will get 50% off your first year of Honeybook!

Click Here for 50% Off Your 1st Year of Honeybook

Episode 013 – Be an Entertainer and Sell the Experience

Step up your game by becoming an entertainer as well as an owner/operator.  This episode, scratchy voice and all, talks about going all-in and stepping into the role of being an entertainer and selling an experience rather than just pictures.  It should be fun for you as well as for the guests.

Episode 012 – Copyright Law and Photo Booths

It’s not the most exciting information but it is terribly important and essential.  This week I talk about copyright law and its implications in designing templates.  You will learn what it is, how Fair Use really does not apply to photo booths, and what you can do to keep your business safe and clear of any copyright issues.  Below I have included a PDF file with the important points of the copyright discussion and links to more information on the law, as well as some links to stock image sites.

Copyright Information

Episode 011 – Lighting

Lighting for a photo booth is pretty straight forward, but what happens when the standard setup changes?  Broken or burned out bulbs, ambient light coloring, these are all easily managed if you know which settings on the camera you need to work with.  I go over the four camera settings that will help you conquer lighting issues, as well as discuss the importance of using a light meter.