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Episode 013 – Be an Entertainer and Sell the Experience

Step up your game by becoming an entertainer as well as an owner/operator.  This episode, scratchy voice and all, talks about going all-in and stepping into the role of being an entertainer and selling an experience rather than just pictures.  It should be fun for you as well as for the guests.

Episode 012 – Copyright Law and Photo Booths

It’s not the most exciting information but it is terribly important and essential.  This week I talk about copyright law and its implications in designing templates.  You will learn what it is, how Fair Use really does not apply to photo booths, and what you can do to keep your business safe and clear of any copyright issues.  Below I have included a PDF file with the important points of the copyright discussion and links to more information on the law, as well as some links to stock image sites.

Copyright Information

Episode 011 – Lighting

Lighting for a photo booth is pretty straight forward, but what happens when the standard setup changes?  Broken or burned out bulbs, ambient light coloring, these are all easily managed if you know which settings on the camera you need to work with.  I go over the four camera settings that will help you conquer lighting issues, as well as discuss the importance of using a light meter.

Episode 010 – The 4 Types of Events, Part 3 – Indoor Events

This episode brings to a close our three-part series on the four types of events by discussing indoor events.  Both canopy and open booth events indoors come with less variables than their outdoor counterparts, but there are still a couple of considerations that need attention.  I also discuss a Darkroom feature that many people are not aware of; adding QR codes to your screen and print templates.

Episode 009 – The 4 Types of Events, Part 2 – Outdoor Events

In this second part of our three-part series I talk about running events outdoors.  Canopy and open booth events held outside come with some special considerations.  I cover the important technical issues as well as discuss tips on protecting your booth and your gear.  Below is a link to a wonderful tool to help you determine the placement of your booth in conjunction with direct sunlight, The Photographer’s Ephemeris, as mentioned in the episode.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris website


Episode 008 – The 4 Types of Events, Part 1 – Introduction

We start a three-part series this week on the four different types of events you can do with your booth; canopy indoors, open booth indoors, canopy outside, open booth outside.  In this first part I define each event type and give a top-down look at their basic differences and the specific considerations that must be given.  Parts two and three will get into more details of indoor and outdoor events and their strengths, weaknesses, and preparation guidelines.

Episode 007 – Tools of Your Trade, Now and in the Future

This week I talk about the tools you have at your disposal for your business, as well as some ideas on what you can acquire down the road.  When you have a vision of what you want your photo booth business to be like it’s important to know and understand the tools required to get there.  Your photo booth has a great deal more tools than you may realize.  Let’s discover a few of them, and talk about some additional tools for expansion.

Episode 006 – Templates and Darkroom

It’s a giveaway!  Listen to hear how you can receive two Darkroom template sets exclusive to Strike A Pose customers for free until September 22, 2017!  Knowing how to work with templates in Darkroom is paramount to continued success and expanding your brand.  This week I talk about the importance of working with templates, whether you are a beginner or if you are an advanced owner looking to broaden your template library.  Template store links, as well as graphic editor links, are included in the PDF document below to help you get going.

Template and Graphic Editor sites

Episode 005 – The 72-hour Checklist

This week I talk about using a checklist to prepare well in advance for your events.  Preparation is often the deciding factor between success and failure at an event.  I go over a standard checklist to follow starting 72 hours before an event.  Below is a PDF file of that checklist to help bet you started.

72 hour checklist

Photo Booth Emergency Kit (in case you missed it)

Routines – How they help you and your business

In this first episode I talk about establishing routines, how they help you and your business.  While it sounds mundane a committed routine can help you save time and look professional.  We would also like to hear about any routines you create by sending them to us at podcast@sappb.com.